September 18, 2014


Do you guys ever think about how lucky we are?

We get to read novels that other people will never know existed. We get to know authors before they hit the mainstream.

We get feedback from like-minded people who are 90% of the time gushing over how much they love our work.

We get to watch ourselves grow as writers, laugh and cry with our favorite characters in ways most people will never get to experience, and discover new writers who become our friends.


Fan fiction RULES.

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September 18, 2014
My Sydney Oz Comic Con experience with Jason Dohring, Michael Muhney and Percy Daggs III


Friday: I went to the meet and greet cocktail party, throughout the party I missed out on talking to Jason, Michael and Percy. After it ended, a friend and I were standing outside waiting for a taxi when she said “Oh my god, it’s Percy!”. I turned to see Percy smiling and…

September 18, 2014


I’m watching Veronica Mars with as few spoilers as humanly possible and it’s kinda amazing?

I spoil the shit out of everything I watch and/or read and consume. I don’t want to be letdown, so I get ready for the disappointments before they happen.

But…I’m kinda…

She. Does. Not. Disappoint!

Other than S3, where she was acting OOC half the time, the show is perfection. Some things don’t work out. Some do. But you always get a good payoff. Even in S3, you get a payoff. The last episode of the season is probably one of the best of the entire series. Be prepared for a cliffhanger, though…hey! You don’t have to wait seven years to get closure, so at least look forward to that ;)

September 18, 2014

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September 18, 2014


fics where they both think it’s unrequited pining


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September 18, 2014

Look at him, he is so happy with himself.


Look at him, he is so happy with himself.

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September 18, 2014

Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts


Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts

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September 17, 2014

Just saw Warm Bodies (great movie btw), and am I imagining things or is Nick totally channeling Johnny Depp-as-Edward Scissorhands in this film?

He is so fucking talented and versatile!

This role is so different from Beast or the snarky asshole kid in About a Boy. And those clips and stills from the new Mad Max movie.

Plus, I always forget he’s English, because his American accent is so good - a rarity, since most are SO off. (see: Band of Brothers and Mister Selfridge, if you don’t believe me).

I know he’s more famous for who he dates than his acting, but that’s definitely going to change. Because - chameleon!

September 16, 2014


Kristen and Jason being supportive of Ryan’s new project…

Play It Again, Dick
"He holds his own."

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September 16, 2014
Have any to add to the list?


Were there ever more tragic, angsty pairings than these over the last 10-15 years? - I say pairings bc some of them aren’t canon and not all of them are currently/ended as couples.

Also, most of them are controversial, probably because of the star-crossed angst and the…

Adding to the list!

I know exactly ONE of these shows, but I love all of the descriptions, and I love hanitjemars so here they are:

Will x Alicia - The Good Wife (so… so tragic)

Spike x Julia - Cowboy Bebop (she was technically Vicious’ girlfriend and he would murder her if she didn’t kill/leave Spike)

Methos x Duncan McLeod - Highlander (don’t tell me otherwise. the only reason Duncan was reluctant was because Methos slaughtered 10 thousands people back then even when he said he felt remorse and paid for his sins)

Kenshin x Tomoe - Samurai X (she was instructed to kill him but fell in love with him, but in the end… damn it, I still have misty eyes)

Maya x Masumi - Glass Mask (they are fucking soulmates, but they can’t be together because of the age differences and they are too stubborn to admit that they’re in love)

Candy x Terry - Candy Candy (holy crap I cried when they broke up because Terry decided to choose Suzanne who sacrificed her legs to saved him even when he doesn’t love her. Candy decided to bow out).

Sam x Kate - Holes (don’t tell me that their love wasn’t epic. She was white, he was black, and they executed him)


From dancingdriver:

these two couples pissed me off to no end when they

didn’t end up together:

rory x logan - gilmore girls

dan x blair - gossip girl

now, jackie and hyde… don’t even talk to me. what were they thinking?! they’re endgame and that’s that.


From emtifahp:

I think you need to add some couples from Downton:

Lady Sybil x Tom & Lady Mary x Matthew - I blame Matthew & Sybil (or the actors that play them) for the recent trend of killing off half of a OTP when the actor wants to leave.


From sweetamara:

Yes, yes, yes to the Downton Abbey peeps! I find Luke x Lorelai in Gilmore Girls way more compelling than Rory’s love interests… and you see them kiss; but not their back-togetherness. :(


From disdainfullady:

John and Aeryn (Farscape) - eventual triumphant ending, but prepare to bawl your eyes out first

September 16, 2014
Have any to add to the list?

Were there ever more tragic, angsty pairings than these over the last 10-15 years? - I say pairings bc some of them aren’t canon and not all of them are currently/ended as couples.

Also, most of them are controversial, probably because of the star-crossed angst and the turn-away-from-the-screen-because-their-chemistry-may-burn-your-eyes factor.

And many of them had one/both parties subject the other to something hideous and awful (near rape, aggressive bullying, brutal beatings, cheating, manipulation, shooting the other one in the back, etc…), which was usually the source of the angst:

Logan x Veronica- happy(ish) ending! (Veronica Mars)

Charles x Erik - can barely look at them w/o crying (X-Men movieverse)

Mickey x Ian - finally happy…just in time for Bipolar Disorder storyline! (Shameless)

Jack x Kate - Don’t know where to start w this hot mess (Lost)

Don Draper x anybody he’s ever been involved with (Mad Men)

Jackie x Hyde - I will never stop being pissed about S8 (That 70’s Show)

Spike x Buffy - preferred this pairing, despite the yucky elements (BTVS)

Angel x Buffy - not my thing, but I get why it’s yours (BTVS)

Jess x Nick - self-induced drama is aggravating - grow the F up Nick! (The New Girl)

Maggie x Rust - can’t help but wonder ‘what if’ (True Detective)

Simon x Kieran - Both are ‘partially dead’ zombies, but Simon still took a bullet for K anyway! (In the Flesh)

Henry x Casey - heart-eyes, even tho they’re nuts (Party Down)

Nick x Lindsay - I will literally kill something for resolution, they were perfection! (Freaks & Geeks)

Have any more that I’m missing? I’m sure I’m missing good ones. Lemme know and I’ll add them to the list! Yes?

September 16, 2014

This scene kills me every time. I’m not a movie crier, but I tear up every single time. Both of them are so hurt and defensive and ashamed of their weaknesses. I want to make them eat warm, chocolate chip cookies and fine red wine. And when they’ve calmed the fuck down, I’d tell them to just forgive each other and bang it out in the bathroom.

I’m still trying to figure out how Cherik is not canon yet, because seriously. How is this scene about anything other than ex-lovers who resent the hell out of each other after their ugly breakup? They are BOTH CRYING!

My mind canon has them fucking their way across the country during their mutant recruiting trip in FC and then Charles being side-swiped by Erik’s sudden increase in radicalism, because he thought he was actually getting through to him, that his love for Erik was finally tethering the man to reality.

And the ‘subtext’ in their words on the plane ride over France is barely subtext! Charles is angry that Erik left him, and Erik is angry Charles never made some big speech begging for him to stay. Erik has such a fragile ego and just wants to be loved and accepted for who he is, and what he doesn’t realize is that Charles’s way of doing this was by letting him go find his bliss.

Charles was sacrificing their relationship because he couldn’t go with Erik down that dark path, but he didn’t want to destroy Erik’s true nature by using his powers to change his friend’s mind. Which he so easily could have done.

Charles loved Erik enough to allow him to retain agency over his thoughts and ideas, even though Charles knew that no good would come of them. He knew Erik would hurt people, but he couldn’t bring himself to tamper with Erik’s brain, because it would alter who he was, and Charles would die before he’d do that. Over the course of five films and fifty years, he’s never been able to mess with Erik’s thoughts.

And Erik flat out told Charles he wanted to be with him forever, when they were on the beach, but Erik was so stubborn and unwilling to compromise, that he threw away the only important person in his life to become a vigilante. If Charles had agreed in concept when Erik said ‘I want you by my side’, there’s a chance Charles could have persuaded him to take an alternate route, but he didn’t want to risk his ‘old friend’ throwing his ideals on the pyre just to keep him.

Greek tragedy, y’all.

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September 16, 2014

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September 16, 2014



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September 16, 2014


"This season on Burning Down The House, I’m gonna let my hair down a little." (x)

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